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The high concentration of citric acid in lemons makes them very useful tools around the house. You’d be surprised how many things can be cleaned, polished, or simply enhanced by using lemons. This video highlights eight great ways to use lemons, but there are many others. Share your tips in the comments.

Clean your microwave
Put lemon and water in a blow and put it in microwave for 3 to 5 minutes, after beeps don’t open the door, let set another 5 minutes. Then wipe the microwave with a cloth.

Room refresher
Put slices of lemon in pot of water and bring to a simmer for an uplifting scent. Alco can add cloves or cinnamon. Be sure to monitor the water level, and if you’d like to keep the fresh sent going, just add more water when it gets low.

Remove cutting board smell
Put coarse salt on the cutting board and scrub it well with half a lemon.

Garbage disposal freshener
Put lemon zest in the disposal, but large chunks of ring can be harmful, then turn on disposal to refresh.

Refrigerator freshener
Put cotton balls on a plate and squeeze half a lemon, then put the plate in refrigerator.

Coffee pot cleaner
Regular washing of your coffee pot with soap and water should keep your carafe clean. But to give it a thorough cleaning (and remove coffee oils), simply pour water and lemon juice into the reservoir. Run a normal cycle and let it sit until it cools. Repeat this if necessary. Run a final cycle with clean water.

Grease remover
All you need to do is to scrub with lemon and water.

Chrome polisher
Rub chrome faucets with a used lemon then rince with water and dry.

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