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We`ve all had good and bad hair days, one day is perfect, the other messy. You want your hair to be soft and smooth when you pass your fingers through it, but this will be hard if you have dandruff or dry hair.

A shower with some suiting shampoo can help, bet only temporary. You need to do this the right way to keep the hair look beautiful and healthy longer.

Here are the mistakes we are making:

  1. Wait too long between 2 washes

Wash the hair when it feels like it needs a wash, don`t wait as long as you can. During the summer, wash it every day, and at least once during winter.

  1. Shampooing every wash

Don`t use shampoo every day while you shower, it will make your scalp dry. Skip the shampoo from time to time.

  1. Scalp scrubbing

Don`t scrub the scalp, just massage the head gently, to prevent damage and breakage.

  1. Showering with hot water

Hot water is great for showering, but not the hair. It makes the hair and scalp dry. Rinse the hair with lukewarm (even cold) water.

  1. Too many shampoos

Don`t experiment, if you`ve found a good shampoo, stick to it.

  1. Too much shampoo

If you put too much shampoo, it will rinse out all the products, use only as much as need to, a coin size amount.

  1. Towel drying

When wet, the hair is very fragile, so don`t rub it with the towel, gently pat it instead.

  1. Hair brushing

Don`t brush the hair when wet and fragile, it will cause breakage.

  1. Shampooing the scalp every time

Don`t shampoo the scalp down every time you wash the hair. From time to time, start with the nape of the neck.

  1. Not soaking the hair

Before you apply the shampoo, make sure the hair is soaked completely.

  1. Shampooing the whole hair

Shampoo only the roots, use conditioner for the ends.

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